Wednesday, September 15, 2004


And the Lib Dems think she's a high flyer

Jody Dunn has come forward with this awesome revealation:

Clearly it is up to the people of Hartlepool to decide who is the best person to be their next MP

Err, yes. Was there ever a suggestion otherwise?

Clearly Mrs Dunn is hurt by Labour's ruthless assault on her for describing those people she canvassed as drunk - so much so that her blog has been filled up with messages from Lib Dems wishing her good luck - including one that purported to be from her husband (though that one mysteriously disappeared - anybody got a copy of it, I cannot remember it saying anything damaging, but maybe panic has seized them?).

The one thing the poll for Channel Four News showed was just how important it is for the parties of the right in Hartlepool to get their act together. Combined the Tories and UKIP are polling just as much as the Lib Dems, but they seem unable to make an impact and neither is acting as a clear rallying point for their natural supporters. Cannot see many of their voters backing Jody though.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Where is Jody Dunn living?

Along with UKIP's campaign manager Piers Merchant, Jody Dunn claims to have been living at the Marina.

Yet she has also gone on repeatedly (and here) about her cat and all her other pets.

Well, the thing is, my sources say that she is unlikely to be allowed to keep pets at the Marina.

Friday, September 10, 2004


Jody Dunn and hunting

Jody Dunn aspires to be elected as an MP on 30th September. Presumably, then, she has a view on hunting she will let us all know?

Sunday, September 05, 2004


The collected poetic works of Jody Dunn

Jodie Dunn/Jody Beveridge's works can be read here. You can read the Sunday Times's review of her workhere.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Mrs Dunn and anti-science

Jody Dunn has decided to consort with an extreme 'Animal Rights' organisation called Uncaged.

Uncaged oppose all animal experiementation. Is Mrs Dunn now going to tour Hartlepool's hospital and explain to the many patients there who have benefitted from animal-based experimentation that she thinks they should have continued to suffer? Or was her visit just a sham to imply support?

Where does she stand on genetic research? Does she think that should be banned too?

And does her liberalism extend to banning hunting?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Ve haf vays of making you vote Lib Dem

Jody Dunn so wants British industry to succeed that she appears to host her website in Germany...

Anyone care to deny it? (Visit and see what you think.)

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
1 * * * 2.517 ms 1.535 ms 0.575 ms
2 * * * 32.755 ms 32.888 ms 31.767 ms
3 ( 39.092 ms ( 30.924 ms ( 31.056 ms
4 ( 32.999 ms ( 32.980 ms 33.258 ms
5 ( 35.174 ms 32.977 ms 33.451 ms
6 ( 33.470 ms 36.943 ms 31.747 ms
7 ( 33.813 ms 34.776 ms 31.509 ms
8 ( 31.454 ms 33.060 ms 33.464 ms
9 ( 35.167 ms 32.949 ms 33.415 ms
10 ( 49.196 ms 48.783 ms 45.287 ms
11 ( 47.239 ms 48.698 ms 45.286 ms
12 ( 47.304 ms 48.730 ms 51.249 ms
13 ( 47.623 ms 48.937 ms 47.377 ms

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Brussels, Gainford, Hartlepool - they're all great places

The Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to present Jody Dunn as a Hartlepudlian - she is always referred to as a "local barrister", when in fact she lives in Gainford, to the west of Darlington.

But she hasn't been there very long either - until quite recently she was actually living in Vlaams, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, just outside Brussels.

And she loved it:

“Brussels is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever visited.”
(Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Autumn here has been spectacular, and we've joined in the Belgian tradition”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“I'll certainly shed a few tears when we leave!”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Hasta Luego from sunny Brussels!”
(Evening Gazette 14/10/03)

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