Saturday, August 28, 2004


Brussels, Gainford, Hartlepool - they're all great places

The Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to present Jody Dunn as a Hartlepudlian - she is always referred to as a "local barrister", when in fact she lives in Gainford, to the west of Darlington.

But she hasn't been there very long either - until quite recently she was actually living in Vlaams, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, just outside Brussels.

And she loved it:

“Brussels is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever visited.”
(Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Autumn here has been spectacular, and we've joined in the Belgian tradition”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“I'll certainly shed a few tears when we leave!”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Hasta Luego from sunny Brussels!”
(Evening Gazette 14/10/03)

Thursday, August 26, 2004


It seems the Tories are alive after all!

Thanks to Mrs Dunn's blog we know that the Tories do have an office here.
Just no candidate.

Her blog is remarkable for a simple thing: it contains no politicial comment whatsoever - except for the usual liberal bleating on behalf of drug abusers:

I felt very strongly by the end that the 'lock 'em up and throw away the key' brigade could do well to find out a little more about the issues involved before putting out such a simplistic and misguided message.

The problem for Mrs Dunn is that the vast majority of the people of this town are members of that very brigade.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Tories dead? Over to UKIP?

It seems the Tories are finished - at least Mrs Dunn thinks they are.

So the real choice for right wing voters in Hartlepool - and there are a lot of them - will be between UKIP and the Lib Dems.

Personally, can see no reason why a right wing, anti-Labour voter would want to back the likes of Jody Dunn - given her fanatical pro-EU views.

Monday, August 16, 2004


The politics of Islington

According to local gossip Jodie resents being labelled a Quaker fan because, in fact, she supports Islington's finest - Arsenal.

How very appropriate.

Although we are all conditioned to think of Islington as Blairville, these days it has a Lib Dem controlled council as the trendy lefties of North London have rather gone off Mr B's robust approach to foreign policy and cracking down on yobs.

Not only that, but all these taxes to pay for the tax credits mean that it is rather difficult for Charles and Jennifer to pay for Jocasta's school fees and the pony.

In step the Lib Dems - the perfect blend of soft Tory populism and vaccuous leftism.

Sounds quite like our Jodie in fact. If you wanted a clinching piece of evidence then this is it: Jody is a veggie, the sine qua non of North London vaccuity.

It is not so long ago the Lib Dems were attacking people for being vegetarians so I doubt they'll be drawing attaention to Jody's views on eating meat - so I guess I'll have to do it instead.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Jody Dunn wants an EU marrage law

Fancy letting the bureaucrats of Brussels decide whether you are married? Want the Germans to decide if you are divorced? Judy Dunn does.

Jody Beveridge/Dunn has written an article entitled, “Is it time for couples to be joined in European harmony?” (Times 9/12/03)

Jody has written approvingly of Nina Dethloff’s (of Bonn University) idea of a ‘European marriage’, offering the same protection to couples involved in marriages which cross borders, overcoming religious, moral and cultural problems.

‘Harmonising divorce legislation across Europe is not a current option because of the huge religious, moral and cultural problems this would pose. So what is the solution? One suggestion I've heard recently is to adopt a "European Marriage" which would offer the same protection wherever the couple lived within the EU.Of course the very idea of such a thing is bound to invoke fury in Euro-sceptics"
Jody Beveridge/Dunn, Evening Gazette, Oct 14th 2003

“Ideally, children should have contact with their fathers, but the way to achieve it is not always obvious. Perhaps it would be worth considering the European scheme where a divorce will not be granted until arrangements on the contract are agreed. The threat of staying married to an “ex” may be the one thing that would persuade even the angriest mother to rethink her stance on contact” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn, The Times, 7/11/03)

“This week I’m writing to you from Finland [where her family are from], a country that most think is covered in snow all year round, but at the moment is enjoying better weather than Spain! [In Finland] the arrangement is that the children stay living in one home all the time, and it’s Mum and Dad who move in and out for contact, usually for about a week at a time” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn, Evening Gazette, 22/7/03)

“There are lessons to be learnt from European legislation” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn The Times 9/12/03).

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