Saturday, August 28, 2004


Brussels, Gainford, Hartlepool - they're all great places

The Liberal Democrats are desperately trying to present Jody Dunn as a Hartlepudlian - she is always referred to as a "local barrister", when in fact she lives in Gainford, to the west of Darlington.

But she hasn't been there very long either - until quite recently she was actually living in Vlaams, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, just outside Brussels.

And she loved it:

“Brussels is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever visited.”
(Middlesbrough Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Autumn here has been spectacular, and we've joined in the Belgian tradition”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“I'll certainly shed a few tears when we leave!”
(Evening Gazette 28/10/03)

“Hasta Luego from sunny Brussels!”
(Evening Gazette 14/10/03)

She lived in Brussels once? Gasp! She must be really eeeeevil!!!
Have a look here as well; Jody may have a few problems withthe facts every now and then...

Not that I'd be so crude as to allege that she actually lies, heavens, no...

But she does have that slight Jeffrey Archer air about her of someone who won't let her ambition be thwarted by anything inconvenient...
I am delighted to see you drawing attention to the fact that Ms Dunn has good experience of living in another country for a period of time. This experience will complement her experience working as a barrister locally.

She seems very impressive.
I'll happily confirm that Brussels is indeed a lovely city - although large chunks of it were seriously damaged during the war it retains a lot of its architectural charm, and has one of the most efficient public transport systems of anywhere I've visited. Rural Belgium is also a great place to stay - friendly locals, great food, and absolutely superb beer. Going from that to the stodge, grime and inefficiency of our supposedly wonderful UK would be a hardship indeed.
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