Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Jody Dunn wants an EU marrage law

Fancy letting the bureaucrats of Brussels decide whether you are married? Want the Germans to decide if you are divorced? Judy Dunn does.

Jody Beveridge/Dunn has written an article entitled, “Is it time for couples to be joined in European harmony?” (Times 9/12/03)

Jody has written approvingly of Nina Dethloff’s (of Bonn University) idea of a ‘European marriage’, offering the same protection to couples involved in marriages which cross borders, overcoming religious, moral and cultural problems.

‘Harmonising divorce legislation across Europe is not a current option because of the huge religious, moral and cultural problems this would pose. So what is the solution? One suggestion I've heard recently is to adopt a "European Marriage" which would offer the same protection wherever the couple lived within the EU.Of course the very idea of such a thing is bound to invoke fury in Euro-sceptics"
Jody Beveridge/Dunn, Evening Gazette, Oct 14th 2003

“Ideally, children should have contact with their fathers, but the way to achieve it is not always obvious. Perhaps it would be worth considering the European scheme where a divorce will not be granted until arrangements on the contract are agreed. The threat of staying married to an “ex” may be the one thing that would persuade even the angriest mother to rethink her stance on contact” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn, The Times, 7/11/03)

“This week I’m writing to you from Finland [where her family are from], a country that most think is covered in snow all year round, but at the moment is enjoying better weather than Spain! [In Finland] the arrangement is that the children stay living in one home all the time, and it’s Mum and Dad who move in and out for contact, usually for about a week at a time” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn, Evening Gazette, 22/7/03)

“There are lessons to be learnt from European legislation” (Jody Beveridge/Dunn The Times 9/12/03).

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