Monday, August 16, 2004


The politics of Islington

According to local gossip Jodie resents being labelled a Quaker fan because, in fact, she supports Islington's finest - Arsenal.

How very appropriate.

Although we are all conditioned to think of Islington as Blairville, these days it has a Lib Dem controlled council as the trendy lefties of North London have rather gone off Mr B's robust approach to foreign policy and cracking down on yobs.

Not only that, but all these taxes to pay for the tax credits mean that it is rather difficult for Charles and Jennifer to pay for Jocasta's school fees and the pony.

In step the Lib Dems - the perfect blend of soft Tory populism and vaccuous leftism.

Sounds quite like our Jodie in fact. If you wanted a clinching piece of evidence then this is it: Jody is a veggie, the sine qua non of North London vaccuity.

It is not so long ago the Lib Dems were attacking people for being vegetarians so I doubt they'll be drawing attaention to Jody's views on eating meat - so I guess I'll have to do it instead.

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