Thursday, September 02, 2004


Mrs Dunn and anti-science

Jody Dunn has decided to consort with an extreme 'Animal Rights' organisation called Uncaged.

Uncaged oppose all animal experiementation. Is Mrs Dunn now going to tour Hartlepool's hospital and explain to the many patients there who have benefitted from animal-based experimentation that she thinks they should have continued to suffer? Or was her visit just a sham to imply support?

Where does she stand on genetic research? Does she think that should be banned too?

And does her liberalism extend to banning hunting?
She's a Liberal what do you expect? At least you know where you stand with the Tories!
Actually, she just had a meeting with them. When I was working at the House of Commons I attended a meeting by anti-hunt activists, despite being pro-hunting. It means nothing other than that she is open to finding out more about the subject - hence her support of Norman Baker's Early Day Motion calling for an inquiry into animal testing - not a ban.
I am appalled by this wicked use of those of us who suffer from serious illnesses (I suffer from several, one of which is very likely to kill me) as a weapon against a kind LibDem candidate who agrees with many of us patients on this subject. There are definitely more experiement being conducted (often more for the vanity of reasearchers, than for patients) than are necessary. There are also considerably powerful questions about their usefulness that Labour promised to review in a Royal Commission (in their manifesto) and hasn't bothered to keep there word yet again. Just like they lied to students, just like they charge the sick for personal care until they bankrupt them. Yes she's evil! Don't be so utterly silly and self-defeating, get a life and get some decent policies of your own. As the LibDem candidate cares about people like me, you guys are just after a vote thinking you are owed it. I hope you get the kicking you deserve.
Simon Shields is, in fact, an active Lib Dem - he just doesn't have the guts to admit it and would prefer to claim his comments are motivated by his illness.
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